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Guest Blogging For SEO

A few days ago, I stumbled upon Chris Crum’s article talking about a blogpost from Google’s Matt Cutts.

Strange story… about a marketer who sent Cutts an offer for “content marketing”… meaning guest blogging for SEO and – for money.

As you may notice, content marketing has more than one meaning. But that’s just how some marketers use content marketing and guest blogging for SEO purposes.

Do you do guest blogging for SEO?

Then please stop doing it.

Over the time, Matt Cutts created more than one video warning bloggers about overusing that strategy to get more links to improve rankings. Watch the latest video messages here:

Well, that’s not what Google wants marketers do. More than that, this kind of content marketing violates Google’s Terms. No wonder that Matt Cutts said about guest blogging:

“Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done;
it’s just gotten too spammy.”

At the moment, Google still loves guest blogging for branding and building authority. But not spammy, paid guest posts on other sites.
If you do guest blogging be careful how you do it.

Also, be careful when you’re offered software to automate guest blogging. The newest one is 3 days old and from a well-known software developer and marketer. I’ve bought some of his products for my own business and for sure, the newest tool is a great one as well.

However, no one knows what Google’s plans are and when they start changing algorithms again or releasing some more “animals”. Therefore, I prefer to stay away from guest blogging for SEO as well as from the software handling all that. Although, I have to admit it’s hard to keep away my fingers from the BUY-button…

P. S. Just in case you want to read the original blogpost on Matt’s blog, click here.


3 Good Reasons To Use Content Marketing

Do you remember all the Panda and Penguin updates, Hummingbird and Google’s other attempts to force marketers come up with quality content and real value on their sites to get ranked? Now, if you’ve asked yourself how does content marketing fit in there and why some experts say that marketing content of value is still awesome… here are 3 good reasons to use content marketing:

Quality content marketing

3 Good Reasons to Use Content Marketing1. Builds up trust and authority

2. Helps you get ranked faster

3. Keeps you safe from Google’s “animal farm” and other search engine updates

Building up authority and trust with quality content marketing

The Wild West on the internet has gone for good, technology has improved. Also, users have become more educated and their expectations have increased. They want to find the best and most reliable information in the shortest amount of time. It got harder to build up trust and engage a site’s visitors, even when using  quality content marketing. A beautiful site with a video and some content on it, directing people to a fancy “buy button” it’s not enough to build up trust. If you’re a “no-name” on the Internet you’ll face hard times because people trust and buy from those they know and accept as an authority in a certain niche. Marketing with quality content that provides a real solution to a specific problem is something people are looking for – no matter what niche you are in – and helps you become an authority whom people know, like and trust.

Gain online visibility easier and get ranked faster – with fresh, unique content

Not too long ago, finding some loopholes and creating small pieces of software to benefit from them was really “en vogue” and helped to get ranked faster. You may have seen some of these videos: These days, trying to cheat Google and the other search engines does not help anymore to get better rankings. Fresh, unique content which leads to a positive user experience, really does. Eventually, this is great news for all those who have valuable content to share, helping them to gain online visibility easier than ever.

Marketing with content of value will help you stay safe and independent from search engine updates

Quality content marketing that provides value to your site’s visitors will always be engaging and helpful to get better rankings. More than that, marketing with content of value will keep you safe from Google’s, Bing’s, Yahoo’s and all the other search engines’ updates. So if you put some work in your articles and videos you’ll get rankings that last, making your site safe and independent from  algorithm changes and other search engine updates. Was this article helpful? Please like it and follow my blog – thank you!