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What Is The Biggest Issue When You Start A Business Online?

So what do YOU think, what IS the biggest issue when you start a business online?

No, I’m not talking about those make money fast schemes you still find everywhere on the internet. Or about all those loopholes and strategies that show you real people making money from day  one.

What I’m talking about is a real online business. And that’s much more than setting up a new website with some curated content, be it a video or a re-used article, monetized with more or less related ads.
A real online business can feed you for years if you put in some effort and stop messing around with all those “shiny objects” promising fast cash.

What is the biggest issue when you start a business online

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Oooops… here they are… those bad words. Shiny objects.
You probably get tons of emails with great offers, interesting offers, about things you think you’ll need for your online business. I used to get many of them. And you know what my biggest mistake was?

I thought I would need all those things upfront (software, courses, trainings, webinars, etc.) to get started with my business on the net.

But you know what? Reality has proven me wrong. I’ve rarely found the time to learn, understand and implement them in my own business. When I was ready to start using them they either were already outdated or Google changed his algorithm again, Facebook changed the rules, LinkedIn, Pinterest… you know what I mean, right?

So today I would say shiny objects are the biggest issue when you start a business online and also the number one reason why so many people fail with and give up their online businesses. And here is why:

What ever software, course or training you buy, you need time

  • to learn how they work,
  • to understand the strategy behind
    and more importantly,
  • you need time to implement and apply them
    (if you ever get there to understand how to
    make them work for your own small business…)

You spend a lot of money on these things trying to keep up with the development and stay up to date. But you have them only sitting on your hard drive, doing nothing.

Shiny objects distract and make you feel overwhelmed and the more of them you own the harder it gets to focus on your plan and follow your own path.

So what is the way out? It is really, really simple.
Change the way you think about your business. Make a plan first.

You don’t need every new plugin, every new software and there is
no need to jump on every new course. What you really need to get started with your online business is a plan that you can put to action.

  • Define and map out what exactly your business is about.
  •  Define your goals and the steps how to achieve them.
  • Find a strategy to follow, make a plan.
  • Check what you already know (your skills) and what you already have on your hard drive (plugins, software, graphics, courses, trainings) and find out what else you need to get started with your business.
  •  Say goodbye to all those wonderful shiny objects.

Remember that many, many of them are not even new on the market, they may have already been around for quite some time and by the time you get the chance to put your hands on them, the seller(s) may have already made serious money with them on the internet…

Would you agree that the “shiny object syndrome” is the biggest issue when you start a business online? Leave a comment!


Entrepreneurial Mindset To Start A Business Online

Entrepreneurial Mindset To Start A Business Online Do you plan to start a business on the net?
Then read on… because this is about those
things you really need to start a business online.
In a hurry? Watch the summary here.

So this post won’t be about some fancy software, trainings and webinars, tricks, loopholes or strategies – that comes later.

This post is about the right mindset, about your skills, abilities and capabilities to get started the right way and to keep your business up and running, sometimes against all odds.

Entrepreneurial mindset to jumpstart a business online

First of all, you need an entrepreneurial mindset to start a business online. You’ll need to learn to think and act as an entrepreneur.

However, there is no need to challenge yourself or others. There is
no need to seek risks. You’ll meet plenty of them on your journey.

As one of the most important skills, you will have to learn to decide. After all, it’s your company, right? You decide. But don’t forget that you have to live with the result of each one of your decisions.
So never act impulsively, always think twice before you decide.

Heard about lifelong learning? Well, that’s what you can expect if you start a business online. Here is my tip: Get help and guidance, get a coach. Or look for a mentor, for someone who has done what you want to do, who has already been there. Both can help you save much time and a lot of money on the long run. But do not follow any advice blindly…

Never forget about your loved ones. They need you as much as you need them. So make sure that there will be enough time left to spend with them. Your goals for your business are important but they’re not everything.  Family and friends, people who love, trust and believe in you are, those who you love and trust, are.

Last but not least, prepare yourself to face the unknown. Get used to new things that will cross your way. And get used to make decisions without knowing exactly whether things will work out for you or not.

That’s what entrepreneurial mindset is all about…

Or, as Aaron O’Hearn, Co-founder and CEO of Startup Institute said:

“You will never know enough. You will always be forced to make a decision without fully understanding what is coming. As a founder, that is just something you have to get comfortable with.” (Source: Mashable)

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