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4 Simple steps to make your website secure

Did you know that 80% of websites have serious security issues? And do you know how to make your website secure starting with some really simple steps? Let’s dive in…

Your new website a hacker’s playground?

In a few moments you’ll see how easy it is to get the skills and the tools hackers need to damage or misuse your website. But they also can syphon traffic from your site,  steal your data, redirect your links to their own sites or accounts, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, they are difficult to trace because of the anonymity of the net. These days, hacking sites is a simple but very profitable “business model”.

A few days ago, I found a more “aged” video with the catchy title
“How to Hack a Web Site” and I think I’ll share that here with you
because of the valuable information inside. So if you want to learn about website security and, of course, some steps to avoid your website becomes hackers’ playground, watch this video carefully.

OK, I have to admit it’s not easy to follow along but I think it will help you get a first impression how these guys tick…

But then, yes, then you should take action and make your website secure not allowing hackers play on your ground.

4 Simple steps to make your website secure

1. Avoid the username “admin”
Whenever you set up a new website you should get rid of the usual
“admin” username. How to do that? Go to your dashboard, click on “Users” and simply add a new user with a new password, assign your posts (if you already have some) to the new user, then log in with the new username and password and delete the old username “admin”.

2. Set up a protected login
Protected WP-Login is a simple plugin that protects your login form
if you’re running your site on Check it out here .

3. Block content and image thieves
With just a few clicks, you can block content thieves from stealing your content or your images. WP Content Copy Protection can help you. Check out this one here.

4. Use professional software to secure your website
Making your website secure and keeping it out of reach for hackers by using a professional software can be the most important step to protect not only your website but your entire online business. BulletProof Security is one of them. Check it out here.


All the plugins mentioned above are WordPress plugins and there are free and paid versions. And if you ask me what I would recommend… Try the free versions and find out if they do what you need them to do. But if you’re serious about securing your website go for the paid versions. They give you many more features, a higher flexibility and a better protection for your website.


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The Scraping Problem

Nobody likes to see his original content published on other sites without permission, wouldn’t you agree? And nobody likes to see those sites ranking higher than his own site with the original content. Well, Google doesn’t really like that either. And it looks like they may have started another campaign to solve the scraping problem.

Why do people “steal” content?

First, for most people doing that it’s an easy way to “create own
content”.  Second, it’s way too easy to put hands on other people’s work. With a few clicks you can copy text and images, make some small changes so that it fits your needs and insert everything in your own blogpost or article. Done.

But is it ethical? And is it legal? You decide.

Some experts say, Yes it is. They even sell the software to do just that. According to them, it’s a fast and cool way to save time and post good content.

Hmmm… Perhaps that’s why there are so many sites with content scraped together…

However. Watch Google’s Matt Cutts talking about scraper sites:

Why scraping can be a serious issue

Google  is looking to get more first hand information about sites
using this “strategy”. They provide a form called Scraper Report asking people to report scraper sites.

To make one thing clear: the scraping problem has nothing to do
with curating content where you take a post or an article and re-
publish parts of it by adding your own unique content, mentioning and linking back to the original source.

As per now it’s not clear yet what Google plans to do with the data they get from the Scraper Report. Whether they plan to ban scraper sites or another algorithm change, no one knows. So please read carefully the Google Webmaster Guidelines and make sure that
your site follows them before taking any action. Don’t let the scraping problem become a serious problem for you.

Read more here

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What Is The Biggest Issue When You Start A Business Online?

So what do YOU think, what IS the biggest issue when you start a business online?

No, I’m not talking about those make money fast schemes you still find everywhere on the internet. Or about all those loopholes and strategies that show you real people making money from day  one.

What I’m talking about is a real online business. And that’s much more than setting up a new website with some curated content, be it a video or a re-used article, monetized with more or less related ads.
A real online business can feed you for years if you put in some effort and stop messing around with all those “shiny objects” promising fast cash.

What is the biggest issue when you start a business online

© Frg | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Oooops… here they are… those bad words. Shiny objects.
You probably get tons of emails with great offers, interesting offers, about things you think you’ll need for your online business. I used to get many of them. And you know what my biggest mistake was?

I thought I would need all those things upfront (software, courses, trainings, webinars, etc.) to get started with my business on the net.

But you know what? Reality has proven me wrong. I’ve rarely found the time to learn, understand and implement them in my own business. When I was ready to start using them they either were already outdated or Google changed his algorithm again, Facebook changed the rules, LinkedIn, Pinterest… you know what I mean, right?

So today I would say shiny objects are the biggest issue when you start a business online and also the number one reason why so many people fail with and give up their online businesses. And here is why:

What ever software, course or training you buy, you need time

  • to learn how they work,
  • to understand the strategy behind
    and more importantly,
  • you need time to implement and apply them
    (if you ever get there to understand how to
    make them work for your own small business…)

You spend a lot of money on these things trying to keep up with the development and stay up to date. But you have them only sitting on your hard drive, doing nothing.

Shiny objects distract and make you feel overwhelmed and the more of them you own the harder it gets to focus on your plan and follow your own path.

So what is the way out? It is really, really simple.
Change the way you think about your business. Make a plan first.

You don’t need every new plugin, every new software and there is
no need to jump on every new course. What you really need to get started with your online business is a plan that you can put to action.

  • Define and map out what exactly your business is about.
  •  Define your goals and the steps how to achieve them.
  • Find a strategy to follow, make a plan.
  • Check what you already know (your skills) and what you already have on your hard drive (plugins, software, graphics, courses, trainings) and find out what else you need to get started with your business.
  •  Say goodbye to all those wonderful shiny objects.

Remember that many, many of them are not even new on the market, they may have already been around for quite some time and by the time you get the chance to put your hands on them, the seller(s) may have already made serious money with them on the internet…

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