About Himaro's Mastermind


Thinking back how difficult and time consuming it’s been to
find and open “the front door” to the online business world,
and get started with my own businesses on the Internet,
I decided to start Himaro’s Mastermind, a website where we
connect the dots and talk about what you really need for your
online business.

No hype, no fluff. The truth about online business secrets,
internet marketing, social media, entrepreneurial mindset,
and, if you like, much more. I’ve thought about these main
categories, but if you have any other suggestions, feel free
to contact me using the website’s contact form.

My goal is to provide a shortcut to help you get started and
shorten your learning curve. Because whatever you read or
see on the Internet, whatever you’re promised – what you need
is the ability to make your own choices and make the right decisions. And believe it or not, that does not work without basic skills and
a certain knowledge. There is no software, no automation that
can replace them. So…

Thank you for spending your precious time with me.