4 simple steps to secure your website

4 Simple steps to make your website secure

Did you know that 80% of websites have serious security issues? And do you know how to make your website secure starting with some really simple steps? Let’s dive in…

Your new website a hacker’s playground?

In a few moments you’ll see how easy it is to get the skills and the tools hackers need to damage or misuse your website. But they also can syphon traffic from your site,  steal your data, redirect your links to their own sites or accounts, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, they are difficult to trace because of the anonymity of the net. These days, hacking sites is a simple but very profitable “business model”.

A few days ago, I found a more “aged” video with the catchy title
“How to Hack a Web Site” and I think I’ll share that here with you
because of the valuable information inside. So if you want to learn about website security and, of course, some steps to avoid your website becomes hackers’ playground, watch this video carefully.

OK, I have to admit it’s not easy to follow along but I think it will help you get a first impression how these guys tick…

But then, yes, then you should take action and make your website secure not allowing hackers play on your ground.

4 Simple steps to make your website secure

1. Avoid the username “admin”
Whenever you set up a new website you should get rid of the usual
“admin” username. How to do that? Go to your dashboard, click on “Users” and simply add a new user with a new password, assign your posts (if you already have some) to the new user, then log in with the new username and password and delete the old username “admin”.

2. Set up a protected login
Protected WP-Login is a simple plugin that protects your login form
if you’re running your site on WordPress.org. Check it out here .

3. Block content and image thieves
With just a few clicks, you can block content thieves from stealing your content or your images. WP Content Copy Protection can help you. Check out this one here.

4. Use professional software to secure your website
Making your website secure and keeping it out of reach for hackers by using a professional software can be the most important step to protect not only your website but your entire online business. BulletProof Security is one of them. Check it out here.


All the plugins mentioned above are WordPress plugins and there are free and paid versions. And if you ask me what I would recommend… Try the free versions and find out if they do what you need them to do. But if you’re serious about securing your website go for the paid versions. They give you many more features, a higher flexibility and a better protection for your website.


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